Seven lessons from my marriage adventure









So another wedding anniversary has rolled around – this time it is number 7 (anyone feeling itchy !?!) A few years ago I posted 3 lessons I had learnt from our marriage adventure so I suppose it is time to update. Here were the first three – they still apply and are still being learnt. You can check here if you want to detail from the original.

  1. Difference does not mean difficulty
  2. Ramos does not read minds (He still doesn’t!!)
  3. Life doesn’t turn out like you plan it

Here are some new ones:

  1. Forgive for your own sanity

Both of us have had to forgive one another (shocking I know, but neither of us is perfect). There have been some tough times but though out forgiveness has been key. If you don’t forgive you get stuck and grumpy. Deal with it and move on otherwise you will both be miserable.

  1. Enjoy the extraordinary things

Enjoy the every day extra ordinary stuff. I think too much we look for big gestures when the little everyday ones are slipped by. My hubby is not a big gesture kind of guy and I’m fine with that. Enjoy the every day life together stuff – it can be extraordinary.

  1. Don’t compare

What works in your marriage may not work in mine. We are so quick to give advice – how many times have you heard the advice to make sure you have a date night. That doesn’t work for us – it causes more stress. Hubby is sometimes called back to work or gets stuck there so our plans have to be flexible. We have our own ebb and flow – it works for us.

  1. Ramos can’t take the place of God

I love him dearly, but Ramos cannot be the be-and-end-all of my life. I try to honour and respect him, but there is Someone over him also. That is nice for Ramos too as they buck does not stop with Him. Ramos is not responsible for my joy and happiness – although he contributes. Ultimately that is between me and God.

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