The One who sees me.

I watched a determined little boy of about 4 years old squeeze his way through row after row of chairs on Sunday morning
during the worship. Eventually he worked his way close to the front of the church and stood with a massive grin looking up at an old man who was worshipping. I watched and waited for the old man to spot his visitor but he didn’t see him. The little boy didn’t reach out and touch him nor did he say anything, just waiting to be spotted. After a short time the boy sat in the chair beside the singing man, but still unnoticed. Before the song came to the end the little boy got up and squeezed his way back through the rows and out of sight behind us with a look of great disappointment on his face. The old man never even knew that he had a smiling visitor.

I wanted the old man to see his visitor and to scoop him into his arms, to tell him ‘I’m glad you came to find me’. But instead the old man’s eyes were fixed and concentrating on the screen. It made me think of the times we feel unseen and unnoticed. When we feel like our hard work and effort has not been seen. There are some days when we have worked our way forward and feel like shouting ‘Ta Da, I’m here!’ only be met with a silence. Whether it is a stressed out spouse too preoccupied with worries to notice, or a colleague too wrapped up in themselves, we all have days when our effort, our ‘Ta Da, I’m here’ in answered by silence.

Yet God is not like this old man. I was reminded of Hagar, the servant given to Abram, by his wife to conceive a child. When she fell pregnant she fought with her mistress Sarai, who in turn mistreated her – it was a mess of a situation. Hagar ended up running away into the desert to get away. There an angel came to her and told her to go back to her mistress and told her of her sons future. Hagar’s response is interesting. She says:

Genesis 16:13-14  She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”  14  That is why the well was called Beer Lahai Roi; it is still there, between Kadesh and Bered.

She gave God the name ‘the one who sees me’. What a reassurance it was to her to know that God sees her and all her circumstances. While we may feel like the world have let us pass by unnoticed we must know that there is One who always sees us. So on days when I feel a bit invisible I will remember to worship and push my way forward to ‘the One who sees me’.

9 Replies to “The One who sees me.”

  1. Yes, he is the One who sees us. What a great reminder! Even when we’re in a mess of a situation, when we’ve been mistreated and discounted by everyone around — He sees us. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. AW Tozer said the most important thing about us is what we believe about God. Thanks for bribing it back to what’s true about Him. Wondering… would you be willing to share something like this on Friday and link up with me? I would love more people to be encouraged by your insights.

  3. Hey Tracey,

    i watched this boy as well and saw the look as he looked at this old man. It was so sweet and i looked at them for a few minutes ( i know i made a few mistakes on the piano then whoops) but when i looked back my music and then back at this situation this little boy was gone!!! I wondered what had happened. Poor little thing…. Wish he had been seen.

    You know at this time that i am going through i often think does God see and notice me and what i am going through but you know your words have encouraged me to say Yes he does……


  4. I love this, Tracey. Sometimes I don’t think God sees me or hears me — but I am mistaken. Often it’s in handsight that I see He was with me all along. And that’s part of faith, I think — I know He is there even when we are blinded by darkness.

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