Couples Who Pray: Rushnell & DuArt

Couples Who Pray

I had been looking forward to getting my complimentary copy of Couples Who Pray by Rushnell and DuArt from Booksneeze. I had hoped it would be the perfect book to give couples about to get married. However I really struggled to get into the book – the first couple of chapters read like an advert for the book, telling me how great it is and how it would change my life. I was particularly put off by the constant name dropping in the book of celebratory couples – most of whom I have never heard of. I did find the later part of the book much more interesting with topics such as forgiveness and their study on couple who prayed together was very interesting. Unfortunately the style of writing probably prevented me from being challenged by the message of the book – I would have rather they used ordinary every day couples as examples, that way the book might have translated better out of the USA market.

2 Replies to “Couples Who Pray: Rushnell & DuArt”

  1. I think that was one of my favorite book reviews ever lol.. Clear cut and to the point lol. Now, I know not to get that book (an dI had thought about when I saw you were reviewing it). Thanks 🙂

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