Not being lost when you don’t know where you are.

I don’t remember getting terrible lost when I was a kid, at least not for longer than a few minutes. I do remember wandering off is supermarkets – probably after spotting something exciting like a plastic fried egg or pretend postage stamps – and then having the panic of not being able to see Mum or Dad. After a few heart pounding minutes they would either appear down one aisle and you would catch a glimpse of them in the distance – the heart pounding would stop. I also rather terrifyingly remember walking beside a trolley thinking it was my Mum only to look and see a stranger! You were never lost if you could see your parents. The interesting thing is that it was never the parents who wandered off, they didn’t try to shake me off their tail – the getting lost was always my doing.

At the moment I am not sure what lies ahead – it will all boil down to whatever God has in store for hubby. (I’m one of those ‘Ruth’ wives who have said wherever you go I will go). At times it feels like we are in desert lost and going in circles, but at other times it feels like we are in a more dangerous place with rocks and mountains looming over us and no horizon in sight. Yet it feels like if I can only just catch a glimpse of God I will be ok.

One of my favourite parts of the Psalms is the Songs of Assent – they were meant to be sung on the pilgrimage to the temple. The first of the Assent Psalms (120) is kind of the kick off Psalm – getting fed up with the current situation so instead of putting up with it the believer sets off on a journey towards God. The next Psalm describes some of the dangerous on the journey – walking through difficult terrain with one eye seeing the places of idol worship on the mountain tops. It is a keep me safe Psalm.

Psalm 121
If we look to the mountains,
……..will we find security there?
No, our security comes from you alone,
……..the LORD, the maker of earth and sky.
You are on the alert, twenty four hours a day,
……..making sure that we don’t lose our footing.
You never slack off or take a nap,
……..but constantly guard your people.
You keep us safe, LORD,
…… are always at our side to shield us.
While the sun shines, nothing can harm us;
……..the moon comes up, but still we are safe.
You stand between us and all evil, LORD;
…… keep our lives clear of danger.
Whether we are coming or going,
…… look after us, LORD;
…………….you always have and always will.

So as I journey I try to keep my heavenly father in sight – that way, no matter where He leads I will never be lost.

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