The Secrets Beneath: Kathleen Fuller

Kathleen Fuller: The Secrets Beneath

I love a good mystery so when I was offered a complimentary copy of The Secrets Beneath by Kathleen Fuller for review from I thought it would be fun, even though it is book aimed at tweens – I haven’t been a tween for many years now. It is book 2 of a series but you don’t have to have read the first one to understand what is going on. The action is all set in Amish Pennsylvania which adds a bit of mystery to the mystery as you get to learn about a new culture and some new ways of speaking. I was surprised that a tween book deals with issues like depression, unanswered prayer and loss of faith.

The mystery itself is interesting but not as mysterious as it could be, but the bitter-sweet ending is more real to life than any book I remember reading at that age. The characters deal with disobeying parents, crushes, being nosey, difficult home lives and broken families – a lot of emotions for a tween book. A good gift for a tweenage girl – especially for one who has a family member suffering from depression.

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