Junk Fires and Power Supplies

Perhaps you are wondering why things are so silent here. Well, my caution about gathering too much ‘stuff’ turned out to be timely. I work at a church and for most of last week we have been without electricity – no email, no internet, no computers, no telephone and no door bell! You see the rubbish bins and anything no one wanted any more is stacked right beside the electrical box of the church. A few nights ago the rubbish went up in flames (the likely suspects are homeless guys fed up of being moved on by the neighbourhood watch) but as the rubbish burnt so did the power source for the church buildings. Thanks to the quick response of the neighbourhood watch, the fire brigade and a heroic pastor in his flip flops, the fire was brought under control and no damage was done to the actual buildings.

The fire has made me think about how storing and keeping the junk stuff – the things that we don’t need anymore, but are too lazy to take the effort to dispose of, have the potential of cutting us off from our power supply. The bad habits and old behaviours we stack up and say we are done with, but don’t go all the way in getting rid of have the potential to become a raging fire that cuts us off from our vital power source – the Holy Spirit.

The importance of de-junking regularly is vital in keeping our relationship with God alive. Un-confessed sin, that we plan to deal with but just haven’t got round to, bad habits that we want to give up but the time just haven’t been right yet all can seem pretty innocuous, but in fact are a fire trap waiting to cut us off from our source of life. My friend’s loss of her husband reminded me not to hoard and love stuff, but this fire has reminded me of the danger of hoarding junk, stuff we never really wanted anyway. Lord, help me keep a short account with you and to never let the junk pile up to an extent that it cuts me off from you.

Psalms 38:18-22  I’m ready to tell my story of failure, I’m no longer smug in my sin.  19  My enemies are alive and in action, a lynch mob after my neck.  20  I give out good and get back evil from God-haters who can’t stand a God-lover.  21  Don’t dump me, GOD; my God, don’t stand me up.  22  Hurry and help me; I want some wide-open space in my life! (Message)

One Reply to “Junk Fires and Power Supplies”

  1. Sometimes even good things can keep us away from what God really wants for us. Must see T.V. shows, hobbies, even ministry work, may keep us so busy, that we miss hearing His still small voice that wants to guide us to where true life lives.

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